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These resources are made available to assist you with your security functions.  Check back regularly, as we will continue to add items of interest.

NBIS Team Briefing, October 2023

NBIS Industry Presentation NMSC NE Maryland Chapter 10-24.pptx

DCSA Counterintelligence Briefing, October 2021

DCSA Counterintelligence Briefing October 2021.pdf

DCSA CDSE Fourth Quarter FY20 New Products,  27 October 2020

DCSA CDSE_Fourth_Qtr_FY20_New_Products.pdf

Defense Vetting Directorate Briefing, 29 October 2019


Methods of Contact/Methods of Operation, DSS Philadelphia Field Office CI Handout
Ryan Dennis, Defense Security Service, PSMO-I,  Personnel Security Update - Presented February 28, 2017
Dr. Sebastian Gorka Presentation, From Al Qaeda to ISIS: The Evolution of Terrorism - Presented October 12, 2016
RMF Transition Presentation by Christopher Biggs
<<a href="/resources/Pictures/NMSC%20RMF%20Transition%20Oct2016.pdf" target="_blank">NMSC RMF Transition Oct2016.pdf
RMF SSP Checklist, provided by Christopher Biggs
RRU Submission Guidance
Defense Security Service Assessment and Authorization Process Manual, Version 1.0 (Effective:  August 24, 2016)
Security Executive Agent Directive (SEAD) 5 - Collection, Use, and Retention of Publicly Available Social Media Information in Personnel Security Background Investigations and Adjudications (Effective:  12 May 2016)
SF 86, Authorization for Release of Information form
Self-Inspection Handbook for NISP Contractors, March 2016
Presentation from May 18, 2016 Seminar
JPAS Orphans - Identifying & Removing
JFAN Rescind Memo, dated 4 Apr 16
Presentation from February 23, 2016 Seminar's topic:  
Enhancing Your Way Up the SVA Ladder

Presentation from September 29, 2015 Seminar's topic:  
How to Build and Create an Insider Threat Program

Active Shooter:  Below is an Active Shooter YouTube video you may find helpful: 

Presentation and Documents from February 24, 2015 Seminar's topic:  
Social Media:  How to Protect Yourself, Dos and Don'ts - A CI Approach

JPAS PowerPoint Presentation from October 28, 2014 Seminar:  


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