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Northeast Maryland Security Council Membership

Thank you for expressing an interest in the Northeast Maryland Security Council. Our purpose is to build and support the security community through education and awareness. We accomplish this by providing continuing security awareness education to local security professionals; provide an opportunity to meet policy makers and government representatives, and to have a chance to network with other security professionals.


(1) Regular Members must be United States citizens, and possess qualifications to include employment in United States industry, United States government (including the Military Services) or the scientific or academic community, with a responsibility for carrying out a function or functions of classification management or related information security programs or for research or education in the Society’s areas of interest.

(2) Once Regular Membership has been established and Membership dues are kept current, a Member’s continued employment in the area of classification management or information security is not mandatory. However, once a break in Regular Membership occurs, all qualifications as specified herein must be met for a former Member to be considered for new Regular Membership.

Initiation Fee and Dues: 

$10.00 (Initiation Fee) 

$50.00 (Annual Dues)

Memberships are annual from January to December

To join the Northeast Maryland Security Council, please complete an Application for Membership.


To join the NMSC, please first read the



Please Download the application form and
mail with your payment of $60.00 to:

PO Box 504
Churchville, MD 21028

We welcome your interest in our organization and look forward to seeing you at our meetings, training sessions, seminars, and other events. Questions?  Please contact us at info @

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